Talk of a Wham! reunion yesterday certainly got music fans of a certain age excited. However, according to the Daily Mail, the 25-year wait to see this 80s pop band live again may not be over just yet.

That’s because former lead singer George Michael’s spokesperson has insisted that the rumours of a reunion on the 30th anniversary of their first hit single are simply that – rumours.

“I wish I could say it was true but these are just rumours. George is touring on his own and he is releasing an album. Yes, this is a denial,” she said.

Wham!, fronted by Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, scored their first of many big hits in 1982 with the song ‘Wham!Rap’. The group split up four years later, but in that relatively short space of time managed to record pop classics like ‘Last Christmas’, ‘Club Tropicana’ and ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’.

After a failed attempt at a solo career, Ridgeley eschewed the limelight, amassing a fortune through investments and royalties. His life is in stark contrast to Michael, who went on to a stellar solo career, with worldwide album sales exceeding the 30-million mark. After a series of embarrassing episodes involving public gay sex and drugs charges, Michael will mark the 30th anniversary by releasing his latest single ‘White Light’. He and Ridgeley have nevertheless remained close friends since the break-up of Wham!.