Zonke Dikana is one of the musicians who has etched her presence in the industry for over 15 years and on Thursday she added another great achievement.

Her latest album ‘Work Of Heart’, which reached gold status in November 2015 shortly after its release, has reached platinum status. The album continues to be a favourite with music lovers and has earned the musician multiple awards.

Dikana took to Instagram to share the offering's latest milestone.

She posed happily in the picture and included a timeline of her music career in her caption, using the moment to also highlight her other career achievements.

The platinum award handover was done at Kaya FM. She thanked her fans for their love and support and credited them for her longevity in the industry.

“It was 15 years ago when I started in the music business, 2003 I released my debut album (Soulitary) in Europe, 2006 I released my first album in SA (Life, Love 'n Music) 2011 my 2nd (Ina Ethe) triple Platinum it sold, 2013 came my platinum selling dvd (Give 'n Take), today I received a platinum award for my latest album (Work Of Heart),” she wrote Dikana.