MTV Base VJ Search winner Tshego Mosupye. Picture: Peter Monageng

As the third instalment of MTV Base VJ Search came to a close on Sunday, South Africa watched with bated breath as Tshego Mosupye was announced as the 2017 winner. 

“That moment was so surreal to me. I remember looking at the other two contestants, Kuhle Adams and Gontse Makgoba, and the judges, because it didn’t register to me that I had won. When it finally did, I was amazed and this rush ran through my body,” he said. 

The 26-year-old from Pretoria maintained his cool throughout the contest and stepped into first place over strong competition from more than 80 00 hopefuls. He now has the opportunity to meet the biggest music stars in the world at international award shows and attend the best parties courtesy of a 12-month contract with MTV Base. 

“I am looking forward to the journey that comes with the win. My main aim is to never get comfortable. I also want to learn as much as I can on and off screen,” said Mosupye. 

Mosupye said he wanted to use the MTV Base platform to influence the masses.

“It’s not only about the links and swag, there is a higher responsibility about how we serve our fans. As a VJ one must be fully aware of what’s happening in the streets and current affairs in relation to the music. I am thrilled and humbled to share the stage with an iconic brand like MTV Base. I want to resonate with the masses and let them get to know who the real Tshego is,” he said.  

He revealed that although he may come across as having a tough exterior, it was sometimes just a front.

MTV Base VJ Search Top 3 finalists Gontse Makgoba, left, and Kuhle Adams, right, embrace winner Tshego Mosupye at Sunday's finale in Soweto. Picture: Peter Monageng

“People might think I have it all figured out. They don’t realise that I’m the guy who is inspired by people and this motivates me. I look forward to revealing the real me – not the dude that looks like he has it all together, because I don’t really, not always,” said Mosupye.

He said throughout the competition, he learned so many lessons, but the one that resonated with him was when one of the judges told him to forget about his looks and focus on his acting.

“They said, your looks are there, but your talent and hard work is more important to get through. It was the first time I heard this and it stayed with me, and from there going forward every day I made sure that I was better than the previous day.”  

Aside from his love of presenting, Mosupye said he loved keeping fit and used it as a method to cope with depression.

“I love fitness – it’s one of the methods I reached out to break free from my bout of depression. I read and I love creating and designing clothes. Whatever I do, I always give it my all and do the best I can. I am inspired to become my greatest self.” 

He said the advice he would give to hopefuls that are in the position he was in is to always follow their gut. 
“Don’t listen to what other people have to say unless you can take a lesson out of it. Trust yourself, work hard, invest in yourself and be the best you can be at your craft.”