Aphiwe Mkefe (left) and Zimkhitha Nyoka (right) who play the characters of Nkululeko and Sibulele respectively on Mzansi Magic's new drama, Nkululeko. Photo: Supplied

So anyone that knows anything about Twitter will tell you of the joy it is to experience a television show on the social media platform, while watching it on tv. Whether the show is good or bad, there's ample supply of commentary-about the shots, the storyline, the characters even the location its shot on. See television since the advent of social media has become more intimate- creatives now have the chance to hear exactly from the viewers what they think.

I must add-these viewers can be extremely harsh critics. 

Enter Nkululeko. 

The drama series will (at least from what we've gathered from the first episode) follow a young teenage maths genius in his journey to navigate life as a talented, Black young man, who also has the odds against him; peer pressure, the sometimes wretched life that you find in the townships, and trying to get out of it. 

It already did a couple of important things in its first episode, it is set in Khayelitsha, a township in the Western Cape that is home about 400 000 people (according to Stats SA) and it features a lot of 'new' faces- the likes of Zimkhitha Nyoka, Aphiwe Mkefe, Abongile Salli and Tiisetso Thoka to our television screens, and the protagonist, is a maths nerd who someday wants to be an astronaut. It's a coming of age drama, and its presented as such. 

Did I mention that there is a healthy supply of established actors in the form of Tina Jaxa , Chris Gxalaba and Jet Novuka to name a few?  

The drama series needless to say was met by mixed reactions from twitterverse: 

If I am being completely honest, I appreciated the genuineness that I saw the story being told through. I am already invested in the characters, even if I fail to remember their names (easy now, it's only been an episode). And I want to to see, like one tweep mentioned life in "the Cape Town they don't want you to see". I am waiting not-so-patiently for next week's episode, and based on what I felt and saw, I can only hope that it gets better. 

Nkululeko airs every Sunday evening at 8pm on Mzansi Magic channel 161. 

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