I believe that with the right producer, anyone can be a musician. The magic that made Akon and T-Pain millions for “singing” is to be found in the studio. You could step in with a BA Baracus-like voice and come out sounding like a young Michael Jackson. Producers can do that. This is why music purists prefer live acts because it is only then that you can sift the real musicians from the fakes.

Last year, Rihanna toured South Africa and was criticised for lip-synching to her music. Considering this is the woman who has given us hits for at least five years in a row, it is shocking that her live act failed to meet expectations.

On the other hand, the likes of Beyonce and Mariah Carey can sing under any conditions and if you prefer this then Stripped Down is the show for you.

Showing on Channel O, the show is about taking some of our local talent and placing them on a stage where they have to perform with the minimum number of instruments. This is the same as playing their gigs on an unplugged platform where raw talent soars above mediocrity.

This show is Channel O’s effort to develop songwriting and live performances on the African continent, so expect acoustic versions of your favourite songs. This is where DJs are not allowed as only traditional instruments apply.

We start off with house singer Bucie, who has a very beautiful voice. She is well known for the hit songs Superman and Get Over It. While these songs have heavy house influences, on Stripped Down the songs will be slowed down and simplified to just vocals and strings.

As a bonus, Bucie will also do interpretations of her favourite songs by other artists. She will then take a break to quick chat that will add insight into the songs she will be singing about.

We now get to see who has been lying to us, saying they can sing, meanwhile they pay their producers for miracles.


• Stripped Down airs every Thursday at 5pm on Channel O (DStv channel 320).