Euphonik. Picture: Supplied

Euphonik is always on the move. If he’s not playing at some huge festival in Miami or Ibiza, he’s undertaking his rigorous daily schedule as a radio DJ and an active businessman. 

When I call him, he explains how over the past two weeks he’s been shooting a talent show with Vodacom where he’s one of the mentors.

In December, he’ll be once again partnering his former employers, 5FM to present the 5th annual Oh Ship. 

He founded this three-day cruise that sails between Durban and Portuguese Island, Mozambique alongside his long-time friend, collaborator and mentor, DJ Fresh. 

Euphonik says: “We’re innovators. We’re constantly working and thinking about things that can take us to the next level, so we came up with doing our own boat cruise party. You know everyone does like those Cape Town and Durban yacht parties. 

"We wanted to throw a party on an entire cruise ship. It’s sickest party that you’ll ever be on for 72 hours.” 


In terms of music, he’s got an album that’s coming out very soon. It’s taken two years of recording to get here and it’s been a more challenging process than with his previous albums. 

“It was actually more difficult. When you’re starting out it’s easier to put tunes out because you can literally do what you want. But the bigger you get as an artist you have to be like conscious about what music you’re putting out and how it’s gonna shape the next two or three years of your career. A lot more thought goes into my studio sessions and the people that I work with in the music that I’m making,” he admits.

He’s also got a few singles and international collaborations he says we can expect throughout the course of the year. He’s thinking long-term, and he’s aiming to grow into an international star. 

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Right now he describes his career as being 80% based in the country and 20% travelling aboard. Over the next few years, he’s hoping to gradually increase his travels more and more. 

Having such a busy life is really cool when you’re doing what you love. It doesn’t really feel like work, he says. He loves visiting new places and immersing himself in their cultures. He loves experiencing historical locations and learning the story behind these locations.

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He admits that he’s still trying to fully discover his own country and he’s spending a lot of time checking out some popular national landmarks. 
But his favourite destination? China. 

“I enjoy China. There’s just so much to see and experience. You can actually never quite fully experience it in any single trip.”