Sibusiso. Picture: Twitter

Last night’s bachelor on Date my Family was Sibusiso Mkhwanazi, a 27 year old from Durban. He is an educator, an IT technician, and a DJ. 

He’s a man of many talents.

He has also been single for three months. After that dry spell, he nearly walked away with two women. But more on that later.

”I am basically looking for an independent woman, who is goal driven, and she must know what she wants,” he said.

The first hopeful looking for love was Precious, a 25-year-old, who described herself as fun, outgoing, and independent. 

She's been single for a year. “I’ve been meeting up with wrong guys, a lot of baby daddies,” she explained. Her sister had been arranging a lot of blind dates, so she decided to hook herself up on Date My Family. She was looking for an independent guy who has a stable job and no children.

The date with her family went fairly well and it seemed her family represented Precious well.

The second hopeful was Sinethemba, a 25-year-old who is a free spirit. She was looking for a man who has direction in life. "They must knows what they want," she said.

She said a deal breaker for her is “too much lies”.

When asked what he was looking for, Sibusiso said a ‘’potential wife’’.

He also wanted someone with a sense of humour – “I have three kids”, he said, jokingly.

At the dinner with her family, Sibusiso received a warm reception. But the welcome mat was yanked from under his feet when he revealed that he’s still staying at home.

“I just don’t understand how a full grown man can be living with his parents. It shows that that person is not ready to be a man,” said Sinethemba’s friend.

The third and final hopeful was Tee, who described herself as chilled. “I’m not too fussy, I love fun and enjoy going to church,” she said.

She was looking for a humble guy, who is driven and who knows what he wants in life.

Tee’s family grilled Sbu, but he seemed to have handled the heat well.

Wait! Did Tee really describe her family as “snipers”?

“If he can’t handle my sisters giving him a taste of us being (family) of snipers, then I wouldn't recommend him to come back,” she said.

We all hope it was a joke, right Tee?

Everything about Sibusiso was either offline or “online”, a new catchword Tweeps were having fun with last night.

In the end, Sibusiso chose Precious.

And despite all the clues that Precious’ twin sister dropped, Sbu was oblivious. So imagine his surprise when he discovered that there’s two of them, dressed alike for extra effect. For a moment, Sibusiso thought he scored twice – sorry Sbu.

After that awkward or rather offline/online date with Precious, we’re not really sure if there will be a second date.