Phat Joe on Take Me Out Mzansi. Picture: Cathy Pinnock

If you’re a sucker for love and dating shows then Take Me Out Mzansi is a must watch.

Airing on Vuzu Amp and hosted by the charming Phat Joe, the reality dating show matches up keen South African single men, who put themselves out to 30 ladies in hopes of winning a date with just one.

Sometimes their egos are crushed because none of the 30 ladies like what they see or hear about the bachelor, but other times, the lucky guy gets to pick from the cream of the crop.

“I'm excited and honoured to be a part of the show again. It's an amazing, fun and entertaining program. Who doesn't love "love"? The show is all about being open and not so hard on other people. Our own pre-conceived preferences often lock us out of amazing and rewarding relationships. 

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"The coolest thing about the show is that as a viewer you also get to learn about your own biases and how they limit us. In short, no harm in going on a date with anyone, you never know what you might learn about the other person, and yourself,” said Joe.

Kee-Leen Irvine, managing director and executive producer of Rapid Blue said Take Me Out is such a cool and highly successful show around the world, having been sold in many different countries.

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“The series was first broadcast on SABC 1 a few years ago but has now been snapped up by Vuzu Amp as a perfect match for their fun and funky viewers and of course it’s completely local in its cast, featuring lots of lovely ladies and gorgeous men from across Mzansi,” she said.

The producers stayed true to the look and feel of the international versions and based on his familiarity with the format, and the former RGB presenter was invited to host the series again.

Irvine said that putting a show like this together is no mean feat. The team travelled from Sandton to Soweto and Cape Town to KZN and everywhere in-between as they scoured the country to make up a panel of 30 lovely ladies and a collection of eligible bachelors.

“The casting is an intensive process involving telephone calls, face to face auditions and backgrounds checks once the participants have been signed off by Vuzu.
It’s important for the producers to get to know the players (no pun intended) really well so they’re subjected to loads of personal and sometimes even embarrassing questions.
Getting to know the guys intimately is essential in ensuring that we have some good matches on the panel,” she said. 

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Take Me Out Mzansi is not just for entertainment but a sincere effort to make the perfect match.

“Once a match has been made, the starry-eyed couple share a date at a secret location to ensure a private and television friendly environment. So far we know of one couple that is definitely still in touch and we’ll continue to follow up with the contestants as the season progresses,” Irvine said.

* Take Me Out Mzansi airs on Vuzu Amp on Fridays at 8pm.