Prince Phillip

Britain's Sarah Ferguson has been forced to cut her summer holiday short so she doesn't upset Prince Philip.

The Duchess of York has been enjoying a break at the royal residence Balmoral with her ex-husband Prince Andrew - who she still lives with - and their daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, but will depart the Scottish estate before her former father-in-law arrives tomorrow as he has an intense dislike for her, even though his wife Queen Elizabeth is said to be "fond" of her.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Prince Philip won't have her in the house. He cannot understand why she's living under the same roof as Andrew after all these years.

"Normally members of the royal family stay a week or two, but the Duchess has to cut short her stay."

Sarah and Andrew split up in 1992 but have remained on good terms and many have speculated they could remarry - but Philip's views stand in their way.

The source added: "Many people have speculated they will remarry, which could be more likely if Prince Philip drops his opposition."

The duchess has visited Balmoral a number of times since she and Andrew's divorce was finalised in 1996 but this year is believed to be the first time since her marriage ended that she has been invited to stay in the main castle, where she arrived on Thursday.