Gordon Ramsay

After 10 years, Gordon Ramsay is finally closing the door on Kitchen Nightmares. In the show, this foul-mouthed, internationally celebrated chef, seeks to turn around the fortunes of struggling eateries. Ramsay appeared to achieve this feat with a sprinkling of sage advice and lavish dollops of curse words, but it would appear that his recipe for restaurant success was all just for show.

According to Huffington Post, more than 60 percent of the restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares are now closed. A shocking 30 percent closed within a year of filming.

Ramsay announced the end of both the UK and American versions of the show on his website, admitting that the show had some shortcomings as a cure-all for troubles in the restaurant industry. The chef had previously credited Kitchen Nightmares as the show that propelled his TV career.

Ramsay’s reasons for ending the show are unclear, but speculation has it that the chef plans to leave Channel 4 in Britain to work for a rival network. After all, Kitchen Nightmares continues to pull in impressive viewership figures in both the UK and the US, and Ramsay has four other series still in filming: Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior and Hotel Hell.