Jordan Stephens and Harvey Alexander-Sule of British hip hop band Rizzle Kicks.

Rizzle Kicks would date one of their fans.

The Mama Do The Hump singers claim it would make life “easier” if a girl they liked was into their music too, but they would wary if they discovered she was too obsessive about their work.

Jordan, 20, said: “If I girl came up to us and was like, 'I really love Rizzle Kicks' and she's beautiful, that's amazing. That's really good.

“But then if we got back to hers and she put her album on I'd be like 'OK, I'm probably going to go now!' But I like to think they'd listen to our album in their own time.”

Discussing obsessive fans, 21-year-old Harley added: “It does freak me out. It would be awesome if a hot chick appreciated our music, though. It's just easier.”

The boys' standards are high, however, since they listed Bar Refaeli, Roxanne McKee and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as their dream dates

Speaking of Rosie, Jordan said: “She's f***ing amazing. She's gorgeous!”

The hip-hop duo hasn't been confronted with any obsessive fan behaviour yet, but Jordan jokingly admitted that a man recently tried to kiss him.

He laughed: “I did get almost smooched by a man when I was in a cab though. I was in a traffic jam and he just whipped the door open.

“They were all p***ed - it was quite late at night - and he just ripped the door open and I was just like, 'Oh my god!' He tried to grab my face and I kicked him out of the cab and got the driver to lock it.” - Bang Showbiz