Robbie Malinga. Picture: Supplied

Music legend and producer Robbie Malinga recovering very well after being admitted to hospital last Thursday.

The singer had been touring the country, promoting his hit latest album, The Duets, which has since gone platinum.

But the exertions of the tour seemed to have taken its toll on the Afro-pop star. 

This is the official reason for which he had been admitted, but Tweeps have long been speculating about the state of Malinga's health after recent images at the SAMAs revealed a gaunt and rather frail looking Malinga.

IOL tried to get hold of Robbie’s team, but his publicist was not available for comment.

However, according to Universal Music's spokesperson Dharam Sewraj, Malinga is “recovering very well.”

“I can confirm that Robbie is in hospital and recovering very well," Sewraj told The Daily Sun.

“He was admitted on Thursday and will be out of there soon. Doctors are keeping a close eye on him.

“His fans should not panic, but should pray for his speedy recovery.

“You must remember that Robbie is always on the road.

“And as a label, we’re going to encourage him to rest from now on.

“He has just completed working on his album and we believe it’s time for him to take some time off to rest.”

In 2016, after more than 20 years in the industry, Malinga announced his retirement as a solo artist.

He insisted that he would not be leaving the music scene, but instead wanted to focus more on grooming upcoming musicians.

He dismissed speculation about his health, saying that he had undergone an operation and was recovering.

The master of duets assured his fans that he was not dying.

Malinga hit the music scene in the 90's with his hitsong Intsimbi, which went platinum within a few months of its release.

He also played a major role in the successes of some of Mzansi stars, including Zahara, Kelly Khumalo, Musa just to mention a few.