English Singer Robbie Williams poses for a photograph in Sydney, Australia, 21 November 2016. EPA/DAVID MOIR AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND OUT

Robbie Williams has swapped "sex with strangers" for "more cake and carbohydrates". 

The 43-year-old singer - who has kids Theodora, four, and two-year-old Charlton, with wife Ayda Field - gorges on a lot more calorific treats than he used to during his wild partying days when, instead of sugar rushes, he was getting his thrills between the sheets. 

He said: "It's interesting, having a wife now and being the guy that I was. The sort of faders you have to turn up and down.

"It's like, there's the 'sex with strangers' fader, turn that one down, which one can we turn up? Cake! More cake and carbohydrates."

But the 'Old Before I Die' hitmaker admitted not everyone is a big fan of his music and even his kids are often keen to change the channel when he is on the TV. 

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He said: "They were watching the television yesterday and they said, 'Mommy, after we watch daddy can we watch something that we want to watch?' "

Robbie has offered his support to fellow singer Justin Bieber, who has come under fire recently after axing the remaining dates of his world tour, but the Take That star insists the 'Never Say Never' hitmaker is not a "bad person". 


Speaking on 'Today', he added: "I just want to give Justin Bieber some love. I was that soldier. 

"I know what it feels like to be 22 and 23 and the world pointing fingers at you, telling you that you're a bad person."

While Robbie has ditched sex with random people for cakes, he still hasn't learned how to drive a car and doesn't plan to start anytime soon. 
He said: "I can't drive. I never got a car licence - I had one lesson. It's just not for me."

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