The mesmeric Pops Mohamed and Femi Koya. Pics by Karen Sandison

Media personality, Unathi Mswngana really knows how to party. On the opening night of the 2nd annual Royal Escape Experience Unathi (who’s the MC for this weekend’s festivities at the beautifully lavish The Palace of the Lost City) danced and danced across the Elephant Courtyard. And who would blame her. We were treated to an absolutely enchanting party where we were entertained by the all-female group, 3 Tons of Fun and the oh-so-cool DJ collective, Kool Out Lounge DJs.

3 Tons of Fun took guests back to memory lane with soulful renditions of some classic songs by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Mango Groove and Stephanie Mills. The Kool Out Lounge DJs brought a more up-tempo hip hop and RnB vibe. Songs like Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor and Beyonce’s Me, Myself and I had everyone on the dance floor. As ever, Unathi was in the midst of it all getting her groove on.

Earlier in the day, this exclusive retreat had opened with a lovely dinner at the Botsalanong Boma. As guests indulged in the open bar and buffet, the mesmeric Pops Mohamed and Femi Koya entertained us with a regale and entrancing performance of some of their classics as well as some new music.

Located within the bushes of the Sun City reserve, it was an authentically African experience. Traditional dancers and other performances around the fire also added to this experience before the evening was capped off with a stunningly curated fashion show featuring some of the most talented local designers. The music, the food and the fashion all provided for a truly royal experience.