Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. Picture: Matt Dunham/AP/African News Agency (ANA)

Cape Town - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are en route to South Africa and have ditched the private jet, according to reports.

The couple land in Cape Town soon and officially kick off their Southern Africa trip on Monday.

The way the royals commute has been the topic of much controversy in the UK from the burden on taxpayers to the royal family's carbon footprint.

Prince Harry was heavily criticised for reportedly using a private jet to travel to a climate change conference - since then the Duke and Duchess have launched an sustainable travel initiative called Travalyst.

Various media reported that the royal couple and baby Archie will be travelling with a commercial airline from Europe to South Africa when they start their visit to the region.

This cannot be confirmed because of strict security measures that doesn't allow the media to be present when Prince Harry and Meghan land and set foot on African soil.

The couple will not be the first royals to travel on commercial flights.

A former airline staff member who worked for British Airways has been quoted by CNN as confirming that arrangements have been made in the past for members of the royal family who jump on board commercial flights.

They sit in a VIP area, separate from the rest of the passengers and usually disembark from the flight before anyone even notices that they were on the plane.