Meghan Markle has a taste for Cape Malay cuisine. Picture Betram Malgas/POOL/African News Agency(ANA)
Cape Town - The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear to be enjoying all the food they have been offered while in Cape Town.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived in South Africa on Monday and their first stop was Cape Town.

On day one, they visited the District Six Museum and District Six Homecoming Centre and it was here that they got a taste of Cape Malay delicacies.

Prince Harry was even kind enough to share his samoosa with Meghan and she appeared to like what she was munching.

Long before she met Prince Harry, Meghan had a food blog and was well known in Hollywood as a foodie, who loved to cook.

Last year she also launched a cookbook entitled Together which showcased the meals of the women who are part of the Hub Community Kitchen in the UK.

Food has also been a key feature of this couple's relationship - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly love spending time together in the kitchen.

On day two of their SA visit, the couple were once again treated to Cape Malay delicacies when they visited a Bo-Kaap residence in Chiappini Street.

It was here that Meghan reportedly fell in love with the taste and texture of a Cape Town staple - the koesister.

The family told the waiting media that not only did Meghan really love the koesister she was served, but the couple were right at home at the tea table and nibbled on all the pastries that was on offer.