PICS + VIDEO: District Six residents welcome Harry and Meghan

By Staff reporter Time of article published Sep 23, 2019

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Looking radiant in a blue Veronica Beard dress, Duchess Meghan was positively beaming as she and Prince Harry went on walkabout on the streets of District Six. 

Residents packed the pavements and cheered the royal couple who made an effort to greet everyone with a warm smile and a wave.

The sight was one to behold as many Cape Town residents came out in their droves to show their support for the royals. This is their first visit to District Six, just hours after being welcomed by members of the Justice Desk initiative in Nyanga.

District Six is a former inner-city residential area in Cape Town, where freed slaves, artisans, immigrants, merchants and the Cape Malay community lived. 

For over a hundred years, different communities and races lived side by side, and the District became known for its vibrant culture, music and food. In 1966, the government declared District 6 a whites-only area, and over 60,000 residents were forcibly removed and relocated to the Cape Flats Township.

Upon arrival, Their Royal Highnesses were be greeted by Bonita Bennett, the director of the District Six Museum, who led them on a tour of the exhibitions. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex then moved upstairs to view music and cultural exhibits, accompanied by an artist, jazz musician and former resident of the area. 

Their next stop on their visit was to the nearby District 6 Homecoming Centre where they were met by a small group of former residents, and had the honour of tasting traditional Cape Malay dishes.

The museum and homecoming centre were built to provide former residents with a meeting place, to return to where they used to live, share their memories, cook together, create music and take part in cultural activities.

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