Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Auwal Mosque. Picture Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA)

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continued their relaxed tour of Cape Town on Tuesday afternoon.

For their second stop for the day, they visited Auwal Mosque, the oldest mosque built in South Africa, which was built in 1794. They were welcomed by singing and dancing onlookers.

Meghan wore a headscarf as she and Harry entered the Auwal Mosque.

During the visit, The Duke and Duchess viewed the first known manuscript of the Qu’ran in South Africa.

They also met with members of different faith groups to learn about the work the mosque does to promote interfaith dialogue in Cape Town.

Picture Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA)

The mosque stands at the top end of Dorp Street, among the brightly painted houses of the Bo-Kaap. 

It was built on land belonging to the freed slave, Coridon van Ceylon and conformed to the doctrines of Indonesian Muslims, known as Shafee. 

The building is very different today to the original. There remain only two walls - those that managed to survive the collapse of the mosque in the 1930s. 

Whilst there are no formal tours of the mosque, its attractive grey exterior is easily accessible to those on tours on the Bo-Kaap.

During the first British occupation of the Cape, the Indonesian Prince Tuan Guru was released from prison on Robben Island and settled in the Bo-Kaap.