Dawn Faith and Criselda Dudumashe. Picture Supplied

Deep & Meaningful, the talk show and brainchild of singer Dawn Faith, aims to produce deep and meaningful conversations with prominent women.
The show was conceptualised after the premature birth and death of Faith’s daughter. 

Out of this devastation she realised that most women have a lot to deal with on their own, because no one is willing to speak out.

“At that point I realised there are so many missing links in the life of a 21st century women and that a gap exists,” she said.

According to the singer, that gap has also left women vulnerable to the notion of having to be perfect all the time. “There is a lot of pressure (in society) to be more than what you are and, in the process, we are not having conversations that matter,” she says.

So Faith is creating a space of honest conversation about real issues.

“It’s a show where ‘girlfriends’ can catch up and talk about whatever affects them,” she says.

KwaZulu Natal-born Faith - who wears different hats, including being a talk show host - says her life has always been about inspiring society. And her inclination to fill the many roles that she has is further strengthened by the influence her grandmother had on her life in her early days.

Dawn Faith. Picture: Supplied

“My grandmother was able to raise 11 kids, providing for them while also holding down different jobs (as a domestic worker and in a shop).

“I think subconsciously seeing my grandmother work so tirelessly and being a happy woman influenced me to think that I can do a bunch of things and demand more out of life for myself,” says Faith, who has also written a book, Dear God.

Her message is that no one is ever defined by their circumstances and she uses her life’s journey as an example.

Deep & Meaningful serves as an extension of her book, showing the other side to the celebrities we have come to love so much.

“The conversations are set under the covering theme of Love, Loss and Life, because these are broad topics. Guests get to share their experiences with loss, life and what they have learnt.”

Guests on the show include actress Zoe Mthiyane, singer Ntokozo Mbambo, presenter Nandi Madida, poet Lebo Mashile, businesswoman Criselda Dudumashe and radio host Rorisang Thandekiso.

Dawn Faith and Katlego Danke. Picture: Supplied

“I hope each question I ask my guests, viewers can ask themselves so they can stop and think and consider their own journeys.

“And, hopefully, we can draw from the guests’ experiences and have conversations within the self.”

Dawn’s book speaks to her journey with grief.

“The majority of the book is journal entries. Growing up I always kept a diary and would write ‘Dear Diary’ and then I found my faith and therefore my entries changed from ‘diary’ to ‘God’. The entries are from the time my child was in hospital.

“The passing of my daughter left me really bitter and very hurt.

“So, with the book I was trying to illustrate my healing and the peace I found, while also doing away with the rules of mourning,” says Dawn.

The show is an extension of the book with more stories to draw from, she says.

“I talk to the person (guest) behind the art. Not about what you do, but who you are. And I think some of these women have been longing for a space where people can be interested in who they are outside of the drama of fame.”

* Catch Deep & Meaningful Sundays, on BET, channel 129.