When you research the comedy TV series Girl Code, part of the description has something to do with the sisterhood that women share. Although that already sounds like a “girly” show to men, it is actually previously guarded information served on a platter.

Any guy, no matter how clued up they are, will tell you that one of the most daunting tasks is making a successful move on a woman. You approach the woman oblivious to who she is, what she likes and all else, and you hope you can guess all those things and make a mark.

Because she is attractive, you should take into account that you are not the only one pursuing her, so you have a few seconds to seal the deal, or not, depending on how well you do.

So how do you do it? Well, even the fictitious Mike Lowrey from Bad Boys had women trouble. So what better way to learn than to hear it from the women themselves?

Enter Girl Code, where a number of female actresses, musicians, comedians and some men discuss everything woman. It is like that set-up on The Talk, only here women give insight into things that make them whole. So dating may be topical and they’ll discuss what attracts them to men and what turns them off.

Ever heard of the saying, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Yes, when things go wrong in a relationship and a woman wants to illustrate how hurt she is, she will literally destroy whatever she can find. Some have burnt their spouses’ homes while others have chopped off their man’s genitals. It can get that crazy, and Girl Code will tell you why.

To make things a bit more in-depth, they discuss subjects like how they get along as women and what tears them apart. The code of conduct for them is very different from that of men.

For example, if a man were to lie for his friend, he’d do it without a conscience, while in general women can do it, but then feel bad about it. Most of them believe in “what’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right”. Meanwhile, the guys play loose with that rule.

Several things that may seem petty to men are serious to women. For example, if two guys meet at a function and are wearing the same shirt, big deal, they’ll probably take a picture together.

However, on the women's side of things, if as a man you are with her and she sees someone with the same outfit on as her at an event, chances are you’ll have to go back home so she can change.

What she forgets is that Mr Price makes thousands of units so it can happen that two people wear the same clothes.

There is also the issue of non-verbal communication.

R&B singer Jaheim has a song called What She Really Means on which he deciphers the true meaning of what a woman says or does crypti-cally. Girl Code looks at these situations and how to handle them.

• Girl Code, Tuesdays, MTV (DStv Channel 130), 8.30pm.