Meiki on Skeem Saam. Picture: Facebook

Mzansi’s local drama series, Skeem Saam has had tongues wagging lately. The show, set in Turfloop, Limpopo was created by Winnie Serite and airs on SABC every weekday at 6:30 pm.

Charity Kat’s mother and John, a Doctor,  have been working closely together on a project that aims to help deaf students. The project has been going well but the two developed feelings for each other that lead to an affair  

John Maputla's wife, Meiki ,found out about the affair after John & Charity were involved in a car accident.

The frustrated and disappointed Meiki kicked John out of the house. John then didn't hesitate to run into Charity's arms. He went straight to where Charity lives and she opened her heart to him , even booking a hotel room for John.

Tweeps keeps throwing shade at the John Maputla and Charity saga: