Johannesburg - Saucy images showing scantily-clad women give inmates at a Johannesburg prison a "strip show" on Monday caused a stir among social media users. 

In one image, two strippers appear to be undressing a willing inmate while he holds his hands up and in another, a stripper is seen giving an inmate a hug. 

The images have sparked outrage on social media and left many flabbergasted, with users condemning the incident and calling for action to be taken against implicated officials.   

One user slammed the incident, alluding to the fact that despite violating human rights, prisoners only seemed to be given more rights. 
Another user, in mocking tones, said the images only showed how nice prison is. 

The Department of Correctional Services has since responded to the incident, confirming that 13 officials were facing suspension over the incident.

Acting National Commissioner of The Department Of correctional services James Smalberger condemned the incident and apologised to South Africans. 

He also confirmed that there was currently an investigation under way. 

Some reactions to #PrisonStrippers: