Television personality Kris Jenner.

OJ Simpson is reportedly obsessed with Kris Jenner.

The disgraced former NFL star has been writing letters to the Kardashian “momager” as he serves his time in a Nevada jail for a 2008 armed robbery conviction.

OJ used to be friends with Jenner’s previous husband, the lawyer Robert Kardashian, who helped Simpson escape conviction for the double murder of his wife Nicole, and friend Ronald Goldman. There have been a number of stories suggesting that Jenner and Simpson had an affair, and that he may have fathered one of the famous Kardashian siblings.

“O.J.’s desperate for face time with Kris and has been laying it on thick in his letters, telling her how beautiful he thinks she is and what wonderful memories he has of their time together,” a source told The National Enquirer.

“Obviously her power and money is a huge attraction to him, as well as her looks – and he’s clearly got it in his head that her cash could get him an early release.”

A Kardashian insider, however, revealed that OJ’s pursuit is Kris’s “worst nightmare”.

“She wants no part of OJ, but he’s pleading with her to visit him in jail and go over some very important issues that he wants to discuss with her in person.”

Simpson is currently serving a 33-year sentence, with the possibility of parole after nine years. Last year, he went to court in a bid to get his conviction overturned because of poor legal representation, but his appeal was dismissed. His earliest possible parole date is in 2017.

Simpson has serious money issues as well. After being acquitted of the double murder, the grieving Goldman family won a wrongful death lawsuit against him in 1997. They were awarded over $33-million in damages, but have seen only a fraction of that sum. – Tonight Reporter