MultiChoice is empowering quality community broadcasting.
MultiChoice is empowering quality community broadcasting.

Bringing homegrown stories to life!

By Brandstories Time of article published Jun 9, 2021

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Community television is the lifeblood of any community. It gives expression to local culture, fulfils local educational and entertainment needs, and provides much-needed employment opportunities in the community. Here’s how MultiChoice, Africa’s most loved storyteller, empowers quality community broadcasting and elevates their stories to a national stage.

Corporate responsibility is not about chasing headlines and social coverage. It’s about making a meaningful and sustainable impact in communities and society at large.

This is how MultiChoice approaches corporate responsibility. It is making big strides in the video entertainment and broadcasting industry and the society at large. Take, for example, its partnership with the six regional TV stations on its DStv platform – Soweto TV, GauTV, 1KZN TV, Cape TV, Tshwane TV, and Mpuma Kapa TV.

MultiChoice sees these regional TV stations as key role players in community socio-economic development, which is an important building block in nation building. These stations give communities a voice to tell their stories.

They are also a launch pad for young people to build a career in broadcasting, whether as presenters in front of the cameras or as production crew such as camera men, lighting, sound and technical engineers. Opportunities also extend beyond the camera to professional roles needed to manage the station as a business such as station manager and roles in marketing or finance.

That is why MultiChoice’s support extends beyond providing the latest broadcasting equipment, production training and content development. They also partner with reputable institutions to offer skills to ensure the long-term viability of these stations.

For example, MultiChoice partnered with Stellenbosch University this year to upskill the teams at regional TV stations in key business practices. They were offered the opportunity to take a range of courses from leadership fundamentals to marketing, to finance principles and risk management.

The sustainability of these regional TV stations is critical to MultiChoice. That is why when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, MultiChoice went a step further providing the regional TV stations with relief funding.

The broadcasting and entertainment industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. Like all broadcasters, these regional TV stations face the challenges of rapid technological change and pressure for continuous innovation in the face of global broadcasters to ensure they remain relevant.

That is why MultiChoice is committed to this journey with these regional TV stations. It brings tangible action to the company’s purpose of enriching lives. And ensures these stations will be able to continue to tell their community’s stories for many years to come.

Click here to read the press release about 1KZN TV and Mpuma Kapa TV’s chance to tell their news on a national stage.

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