Please Step In. Picture: Twitter
The new season of Please Step In stirred up a lot of emotions last night as Angie Diale stepped in to help Theresia who has had to resort to prostituting to make ends meet for her family.

Theresia is a 21-year-old Human Resources student from Turfloop in Limpopo, who wrote to the show seeking advice and intervention. 

Her unemployed mother has six children and they are all dependent on the child grants. 

These unpleasant conditions forced the young woman into taking the drastic step of selling her body to pay for their food and accommodation.

The show sparked a heated debate on Twitter as viewers questioned the mother’s parenting skills, especially after Theresia revealed that her stepfather had raped her when she was 15.

According to Theresia, her mother urged her to drop the charges as the perpetrator was the "only breadwinner”.

The show seemed to have sparked a positive reaction, with many generous Tweeps offering to help Theresia.