Showmax increases its prices, except for Premier League package

Published Jul 11, 2024


Showmax has increased its pricing model, effective from August 1. The streaming service said the only package that would not increase, would be its Premier League offering.

It’s standard entertainment plan will increase by 11% from R89 to R99 per month, starting August. This plan features a diverse range of content including HBO series and reality shows like The Real Housewives franchise.

Showmax Mobile will be priced competitively and increase by 15% from R39 to R45 per month aligning with global streaming rate.

However, the pricing for the Premier League plan will remain unchanged at R69 per month for the 2024/25 football season.

This plan offers access to all matches of the Premier League season and exclusive content such as Robert Marawa’s Quantum football series.

This comes after Multichoice launched the refreshed showmax proposition and it dropped prices of its main entertainment package from R99 to R89 per month to draw in more subscribers.

This was viewed as a bold move, especially with competitors like Netflix who are steadily increasing their prices.

Showmax chief executive Marc Jury has emphasized their commitment to keeping streaming affordable while highlighting their investment in local original content, which has gained international acclaim.

“We are thrilled to keep the Showmax Premier League and bundled Showmax plans unchanged, bringing all 380 Premier League matches to millions of football fans in Africa and maintaining our focus on affordability,” said Jury.

Overall, Showmax aims to cater to diverse viewers preferences with a mix of local and international content while maintaining affordability for its subscribers in Africa.

Since their relaunch in February, Showmax has added 40 new originals from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

These include award-winning series like spinners and catch Me A Killer, which have garnered recognition at international festivals.