‘The Ultimatum South Africa’ has viewers hooked as mean girl Khanya leaves viewers shook

‘The Ultimatum SA’ S1 hosts Salamina Mosese and Howza Mosese. Picture: Netflix

‘The Ultimatum SA’ S1 hosts Salamina Mosese and Howza Mosese. Picture: Netflix

Published May 13, 2024


When it comes to reality shows, viewers love anything with drama that gets them talking and weighing in on the various storylines and that’s exactly what Netflix’s newest offering ‘The Ultimatum South Africa’ has delivered.

The show has been in the making since 2022, the spin-off of the global hit social experiment, ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ has made its way to Mzansi shores and it’s giving viewers everything they want.

Hosted by South African power couple, Salamina Mosese and Howza Mosese, the nine-part series sees six couples who undergo a test of trust, true love, desire and honesty.

The first edition of the Mzansi segment lived up with the drama, causing heartache and pain for some of the couples, happy endings and emotional on-screen breakups for some, while the show got too heated for one couple who retired from the show after one of the boyfriends got sexually entangled with another woman on the show. Drama!

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As the co-stars navigate their various journey’s on the show, some are proving to be reality TV gold, like Khanya for instance.

The 34-year-old has become the one viewers have grown to hate but also love. Many viewers are dubbing Khanya as a mean girl, due to all the snide comments she has made and rude ways towards her partner and the other co-stars.

Khanya did not hold back when it came to being mean and petty.

In a not-so-traditional dating show format, ‘The Ultimatum South Africa’ requires one partner ready for marriage to issue an ultimatum to their partner who’s wary of taking a trip down the aisle and saying “I do”.

During the experiment, the six couples break up, date and live with their co-stars and finally choose one person to enter into a trial marriage with for three weeks. This social experiment is aimed at putting their love lives through the wringer as new relationships form and old relationships hang on by a thread.

Once the trial marriage is completed, couples enter into a second trial marriage with their original partner - for another three weeks - where they have to decide if they’re in it for the long haul or if they want an out.

The show dished up the drama, with one couple, even exiting the social experiment mid-show after their boyfriend had sex with another woman they found on the show.

The show had happy endings, dramatic breakups and some relationships were buried on the show as the social experiment exposed some of the cracks in the relationships.

The show is currently streaming on Netflix.

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