Booty popping, mean mugging, head bopping and bikini-clad dancers. That is what many a hip hop video – and a Kardashian/Jenner home video – is made of.

Kim and the Kardashian clan can never resist a spot of camera time, and their holiday footage from their trip to the Dominican Republic is no exception.

The family has posted their own music video to the Notorious B.I.G song ‘Hypnotize’, to the horror of many, and to the amusement of some.

The family – including a heavily-pregnant Kourtney Kardashian – are seen miming the lyrics of the expletive-laden hip-hop classic while busting some moves on a yacht.

Kim’s most famous physical feature gets plenty of camera time, of course, with the reality TV star booty-popping as the camera zooms in.

Kendall, 16, and Kylie, 14, Jenner gleefully played the role of video vixens along with their siblings.

Bruce Jenner is seen spanking wife Kris on her behind to the beat of the music as she bends over suggestively.

A few disgusted YouTube viewers called their antics “silly” and branded the family “trash”. Others said the late Robert Kardashian – father to older siblings Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Robert – would be “rolling in his grave” at their behaviour.

Some were able to see the humour, calling for others to “lighten up” as they were just a close family having some fun.

At the end of the video Kris screams “Where is my music motherf*****?”, after the music is turned off.

The scene most likely to leave a bad taste in the mouth for certain viewers is when the wealthy reality TV stars ‘make it rain’, throwing Monopoly money in the air.

This is not the family’s first foray into music videos. The Jenner girls starred in their first home-made music video to Katy Perry’s pop hit 'Firework', with the family’s other credits including videos of E.T, also by Perry, and Lady Marmalade. - IOL