Trevor Noah

Johannesburg - Has Trevor Noah met his Billy Jean? A twitter user who calls herself Just Jackie has been making a few waves by claiming she was intimate with the South African comedian and is now carrying his baby.

Using the handle @MissJGreen18, which is mostly dedicated to the fan worship of all things Beyoncé, Just Jackie dropped this bombshell on Noah’s Twitter feed on Monday morning.

“I'm few weeks pregnant and n***** you're gonna ignore me and run away? Pls I know you will read this. MAN UP. I'm with child”.

She followed up that initial entry with: “I'm so sorry I didn't want this to happen, sorry but I'll tell the media how you had sex with a teenager & got her pregnant.

“And now you're denying that you're the father stop DM me post it here so everyone can see”.

Noah eventually responded, brushing aside the allegations.

“One minute I'm on a flight from Scotland and now I'm a father? Twitter will show you miracles!” he said.

At which point, Just Jackie seemed to back off, posting that “This is getting out of control”, and “Why are people so gullible”.

She then took aim at South Africans in general, perhaps peeved by the responses to her initial tweets.

“South Africans are dumb as f**k even your president is dumb sigh (sic).”

As expected, Noah couldn’t resist having the last word: “When I was dating Beyoncé, the most important thing she taught me was that you shouldn't believe everything you read.” - Tonight Reporter