Thalissa Teixeira, Ariane Labed and Gary Carr star in 'Trigonometry'. Picture: BBC
Thalissa Teixeira, Ariane Labed and Gary Carr star in 'Trigonometry'. Picture: BBC

'Trigonometry' explores the life of a throuple in West London

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Jun 24, 2020

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In a new show coming to Showmax in July, modern day relationships take the front seat as viewers are exposed to the lives of Kieran, Gemma and Ray, a throuple living in West London. 

"Trigonometry" tells the complicated story of Gemma, an accomplished chef and her paramedic boyfriend, Kieran who live together in West London, above Gemma’s café. 

Kieran and Gemma are madly in love, but unfortunately, love alone can’t pay café suppliers, or London rent. 

To ease some financial pressure, the couple decided to take in a lodger named Ray, a former world-class swimmer, whose arrival starts a modern-day love story that will change the trio’s lives - and how they view relationships - forever. 

Gary Carr, who plays the character, Kieran says "Trigonometry" is a "brilliant study of human beings and relationships". 

"The writing is brilliant. We meet Kieran at the point in his life where he’s unsure about a lot of things. But his character is admirable. One of the things I tried to bring to the character is his sensitivity. He is very considerate and very selfless and it’s rare to see those characters on television and written so authentically," said Carr about his role. 

He said he jumped at the opportunity to audition for the role, because he was impressed with how layered, complex and real the characters were. 

"I’m always looking for characters that are truthful,layered, complex and human. That’s what’s so brilliant about this script.

"Every single character is so layered and detailed that you believe they are real people and that is really interesting to play. 

"The script felt very different to a lot of the scripts I read. It is really refreshing to see a character who is relatable and a fair representation of a real man, he cries, he laughs, he has a sense of humour, he’s very intelligent, he can be serious, he’s very sensitive, he understands. It is great to see and play a character like that," he said.

Aside from actual love, the show looks at opinions of what modern day relationships are, stigmas attached to a non traditional relationship and preconceived notions of love. 

“It’s about time we explore different narratives. The world is what it is, the only thing we can do is educate people to be more understanding, tolerable and look at other perspectives. In the show Gemma and Kieran work because they accept each other as people. 

"They completely accept each other’s flaws and fears. They really are a team and we really see that throughout the series, especially with how they interact with Ray. They have an unspoken thing that they are going to ride it out together, it’s really beautiful to watch,” said Carr. 

Asked if three is better than two, Carr jokingly said, “three is fun”. 

“I think three can be fun. Two can be difficult sometimes, but look, as long as there is real love in all of it it’s all really blessed and beautiful. I think these three characters connect because they have really contrasting energies which complement each other. 

"It’s one of those things where you don’t know how to explain why you love someone, or why your relationship is the way it is, or why the dynamic is so perfect, it just is and sometimes that is one of the best things about it, that you can’t explain it but you can live it without having to explain it,” he said. 

Written by Duncan Macmillan and Effie Woods the show also stars Ariane Labed (Ray) and Thalissa Teixeira (Gemma) in the lead female roles. 

Catch "Trigonometry" on Showmax from July 1. 

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