lTaking the plunge… although there rarely is a happily ever after!

Some of the most notable wedding ceremonies that triggered echoes of “oohs” and “aahs” were that of Scandal’s Tino and Erin, 7de Laan’s Vince and Bonita as well as Felicity and Herman, Muvhango’s Thandaza and Ranthumeng and Days of Our Lives’s Bo and Hope (although, theirs was more of a renewal of vows).

With Rhythm City’s David Genaro out of the way, Lucilla and Miles rekindled their love by walking down the aisle once again.

lMarriages on the rocks…

While they may be on cloud nine on their wedding day, that honeymoon phase doesn’t last long. Heck, a soap without conflict is pointless, anyway.

And there have been several couples headed for Splitsville. Khethiwe and Khaphela’s relationship took a violent turn after she aborted their baby in Generations. And Sharon struggled to forgive Samuel his small indiscretion.

Meanwhile, the return of a neurotic Naomi (Miles’s ex) placed immense strain on his marriage. Steffy (Ridge and Taylor’s daughter in The Bold and the Beautiful) has been making a play for a very married Bill and Katie isn’t impressed with the Jezebel. Kimberly left Barker and has been on the run in Isidingo and Priya isn’t happy about Cherel being a part of her and Rajesh’s life just because she had his child.

Gideon’s arrival saw old feelings resurface and Stefanie, despite now being married to Rian, succumbed to his charm in Binneland.

lThe most addictive plots…

What better way to start off than by recalling Cherel slipping into survival mode after becoming the prime suspect in the murder of Braam le Roux, her husband? And we know orange isn’t her favourite colour anymore.

Then there was Thula’s lies catching up with him after he accidentally ran over and killed Matric in Rhythm City.

Daniel Nyathi’s fall from grace in Scandal also made for gripping viewing. But his rise from the depths of despair was the real hook.

Brooke unwittingly had sex with Oliver, her daughter Hope’s boyfriend, in The Bold and the Beautiful. Also in The B&B, Bridget got to pay back Nick for previously cheating on her by doing the same with Owen. Only problem is, her liaison ended in a pregnancy.

Nicole returned to Salem to make life hell for ex-hubby Victor and a few other enemies in Days of Our Lives.

S’bu, unwittingly, is dating his long-lost sister Nikki in Rhythm City.

After Kenneth’s departure from the Generations storyline, the writers brain-stormed to find his replacement and then decided to resurrect Thomas Mashaba. I have to say, in being given the mammoth task, actor Rantebeng Makapan has certainly stepped up to the plate.

lShocking departures…

After a decade of playing Nandipha Sithole, South Africa’s beloved HIV-positive character, Hlubi Mboya bid a sad farewell to her in Isidingo. Sonia Sedibe also announced she is leaving her feisty Generations character Naomi, and moving on to other projects – not necessarily in front of the camera.

Dumisani Mbebe, who played Dumisani Shabane, was given the boot from Generations after a few problems, including him apparently not showing up on set.

Emmanuel Castis was written out of Scandal. He played Cole and was crucial to the storyline involving Michelle Maxwell’s character, Abigail, who was being killed off.

lBack to stirring a hornet’s nest…

After a break to embrace motherhood, Diaan Lawrenson, better known for her snobbish 7de Laan character Paula, returned to the small screen.

Just as his menacing character Benjamin le Roux was being lapped up by soap addicts, a terrible car accident saw actor Arno Marais out of commission for a while. But his tenacity to get back in front of the camera saw him receive a most heart-warming homecoming.

lNew soap on the block

When Binneland Sub Judice failed to fill the void of Egoli – although the powers that be would never confirm this – the channel decided to launch its own soap with crossover appeal on April 4.

Besides securing a stellar South African cast of acting couple Shona and Connie Ferguson, they also bagged Ian Roberts, Tumisho Masha, novice actress Gail Nkaone, Faye Peters, James Alexander and Milan Murray.

The Wild was shot entirely at an outdoor location as opposed to on a closed set. And the top-notch production value, with aesthetics you normally find in a movie, works to the soap’s full advantage.

lDoing South Africa proud

Tsotsi actress Terry Pheto did the nation proud when she bagged a role in the long-running US soap, The Bold and the Beautiful. She was cast to play a doctor and her character will be seen on our screens next year. And she got to walk the red carpet at the Daytime Emmys in Las Vegas.

In an interview with her, she said: “It was one of those things you never thought (would happen), that one day you would get a phone call saying The Bold and the Beautiful is interested in you.

“And for me that was such a great honour because I have been a fan of the show ever since I can remember.”