Popular radio and TV personality, Penny Lebyane (pictured), has been named as the new host for eNews’ breakfast show, Sunrise.

Explained Lebyane: “I was called and told that they had this opportunity and they wanted to know if I was interested and available.

“I was humbled that they thought of me for such an opportunity. When you get into broadcasting you always want to grow. I have always wanted to go through different phases in life. I’ve been on community radio, commercial radio, I did television with entertain-ment shows, lifestyles, local and inter-national stuff. I even had a women's show in vernacular. So I have been trying to diversify and this is a good opportunity for me,” she said.

Although she seems to have done it all, Lebyane admitted that Sunrise is a new chapter in her career which has its own set of challenges.

“I have always wanted to do live TV and except for live broadcasts at events, I hadn’t had the opportunity.”

That said, Lebyane is a veteran at radio who has done live broadcasts for the most of her career. She recalled these experiences and hinted that she would use them on on the show.

“With live radio everything is fresh and on-the-minute, so live TV has always been a dream. The fact that it’s going to be five days a week is also awesome. It’s an honour to be doing this at such a time in our country when we celebrate 20 years of democracy. I want to be part of a generation of young people who encourage other young people to effect change. I am happy to be part of that change,” she said.

As Sunrise airs in the early hours every weekday, Lebyane must brave the freezing weather to give you the latest news.

“I am a broadcaster through and through. I respect my audience and will show up no matter how cold it is. I have worked at midnight, worked on afternoons and weekends so the time will not be a challenge. I like that I am going to be up early, will be part of people’s rising up and seizing the moment for the day. The only thing I am sad about is that I am not going to be able to drop my kids at school, but I can pick them up.”

As a newbie on the show, Lebyane has done her homework and plans to bring exciting twists to it.

“I have watched the show a few times. I used to watch Morning Edition before it was Sunrise. I have always enjoyed it and I like where it is coming from. The foundation it has of seven years is pretty solid. For me seven is a number of completion and I don’t take those things for granted. I’m bringing a lot of passion and a yearning to add value. I’m bringing a curiosity to learn and a voice to say, ‘we’ve come so far as a people, but the road ahead is longer if we don’t add value,’” she said.

• Catch Penny Lebyane on e.tv’s Sunrise from today at 8am.