Abomama is a Mzansi Magic television show that airs every Sunday evening at 8pm. Photo: Twitter/@ThomasGumede
Kanti ninje bomama bomthandazo? So you're like this, women of prayer?

This is a question that we are left with every Sunday evening after the week's episode of the television series portraying the lives of the baddest prayer warriors in town. 

This week, it seems the chickens finally came home to roost after a plan hatched by Mapule backfired spectacularly. In her Sherlock Holmes moment, Mapule managed to get Bonanza arrested after she found the knife used to kill Thabang in Bonanza's butchery. 

Detective Khoroane — being the ever dedicated policeman and an even more eager potential bae — did the arrest, but Ghoroa suddenly popped out of the woodwork, claimed responsibility for the murder and Bonanza waltzed out of the prison. 

Also of importance is the fact that we still don't know how the good detective knew that was Mancane's body buried there. Anyway he notified Raki, she went ballistic and eventually blamed everything on mamoruti Fumane. Nothing knew there. 

What was pleasing to witness was that Moruti actually supported Fumane this time. 

In retaliation to getting him arrested, Bonanza went into beast mode, and sent all four of the women a bloody knife as a warning. This is after abomama had gotten themselves out of prison by having Lumka pose as an alibi for the night the collective murdered Mancane. 

After being told they are free to go, the strut that abomama did out of those holding cells was something to write home about! Slaying all the way one prayer at a time! 

Talk about drama. 

The only person we feel sorry for in this entire thing is that hardworking detective who is going to get hoodwinked by abomama all in the name of self preservation. 

All that's left to see is whether Mapule and Khoroane's relationship will survive this recent drama. 

Side Note: We're glad someone else is noting the similarity between abomama and the four women of set it off. Maybe its's the power of four? 

Abomama airs on Mzansi Magic channel 161 every Sunday evening at 8pm.