Abomama on Mzansi Magic.

Because what goes up must always, always come down.

After a thrilling couple of weeks, watching Abomama bomthandazo run square circles in their neighbourhood, we have gotten to a point where it seems a reckoning has come. The secret of Mancane’s murder has finally become far too heavy for Dora to bear and, despite all her efforts, confessed the murder to Raki.

What’s pushed Dora over the edge she’s been tethering on so precariously for the last couple of weeks? 

Lumka moved out. And the judgement she laid at her mother’s feet was quite harsh. While Dora was seemingly drowning, condemning herself, Borisi said he would go to hell with her. Oh the love. 

And Raki being the lady Macbeth that she is, was before hearing this shocking revelation whispering in the ear of that spineless Mfundisi about how he should begin the process of getting his revenge on Fumane for getting him booted out of the head pastor position.

Yhu. Raki guys.

The good officer of the law Khoroane found himself hot under the collar after realising that there’s a strong, very strong possibility that Mapule has been lying to him for the longest time about their involvement in the murders of Thabang and Mancane. This lead he was handed  Bonanza who now declines having said anything of the sort.

What a mess

And of course, Fumane is still a G. Moruti had a young lash out session, calling Fumane the snake in his bed for what happened with the church.

Overreaction much? 

In other Fumane related news, no mamoruti should be this au fait with handling a borderline crazy cop. Foaming at the mouth at the prospect of solving this crime.

As we live through this long week waiting to see what’s happened to Dora, I leave you with the words of Detective Khoroane contemplating the lines that exist between morality and happiness:

“Sometimes, you need to choose between what’s right, and what you love”.  

Abomama airs every Sunday evening at 8pm on Mzansi Magic channel 161.