Kim Engelbrecht and Janez Vermeiren in the 'You - A Declaration of Love by Schwarzkopf Nectra Color' advertisement.

South African TV favourites Kim Engelbrecht and Janez Vermeiren have touched the hearts of over 5 million YouTube viewers - and counting.

Engelbrecht is best known for her break-out role as Lolly in the soapie Isidingo and is now starring the series Geraamtes in die Kas. Vermeiren is also a familiar face thanks to his presenting role on Top Billing and Top Travel.

With ‘You - A Declaration of Love by Schwarzkopf Nectra Color’, viewers were swept up in the romance and the music that accompanied the short-but-sweet advertisement.

Many outed themselves as “romantics” who could not help but shed a tear at the story the two stars portrayed. But while some dismissed it as a bit too mushy, even “cheesy”, for a hair colour ad, some singletons said it made them long for that special someone.

“I don't usually watch a whole youtube-commercial before a video, But when I do, it's this one. Very cute commercial!!” said Dragonlover91, to which PrincessofGeo replies: “Such a sensual video, so tasteful :)) <3 (sic)“.

Many agreed that it was “one of the best ads” out there, but some admitted they hadn’t realised it was an advertisement until the very end.

As February 14th dawned some viewers noted that there could not have watched a more fitting video.

“Happy Valentine's day y'all! I hope everyone has a great day. This guy certainly had one!” was Clinton Jeff’s simple message, which was echoed by several others.

“Has this ad achieved success where others have failed and actually produced a genuinely romantic advert? While its not the best advert for a hair dye we admit, it is an undeniably charming ad,” said MEERKATworks.

You be the judge. - IOL