TAG: Mark Haze will battle is a final contestant in the Idols big finale.
TAG: Mark Haze will battle is a final contestant in the Idols big finale.

Once again, the Top 2 Idols contestants are guys. It’s down to the wire with Mark Haze and Dave van Vuuren – both talented rockers in their own right.

Last year it was Elvis Blue (real name Jan Hoogendyk) and L’loyd Cele battling it out. Although Blue took the title, both Cele and he have been enjoying immense success since launching their debut albums.

So the big question, as the votes are collated after 10pm tonight, is who will take the title tomorrow night?

While the judges were seriously blown away by Dave’s restraint and his “musical soul”, they are in unison about one thing – both contestants are winners and will go on to do great things in the industry.

Sunday’s show kicked-off with the first Idols winner, Heinz Winckler, revealing his prowess behind the mike by belting out Blindfolded, a hit from his latest album.

Having won the coin toss, Mark allowed Dave to go first.

Taking to the stage with his favourite song from the season, Kings of Leon’s Sex On Fire, Dave had the audience in raptures. His dance style – unique is how one would describe it – combined with his haunting vocals, which evoke such powerful emotion, has won many a heart throughout this competition. He followed that with Should We Fight Back with the Parlotones.

Judge Gareth Cliff praised: “You are a real musician because the music is talking to you and you are replying. My friend, you have a musical soul.”

Unathi Msengana, looking ravishing as usual, added: “You were so still but so powerful.”

His new single, Hall of Mirrors, had a sense of familiarity that I just hope doesn’t work against Dave. Think along the lines of U2.

Randall Abrahams summed his performance best, saying, “Hall of Mirrors would not be the last song we hear by Dave van Vuuren.”

Not to be outshone, Mark stepped up to the plate with Aerosmith’s Dream On. His grainy voice and dexterous handling of the tempo certainly puts him in an international league.

Cliff commented: “Well, we have got ourselves a competition.”

He returned to the stage with Burning Love, backed by the Parlotones, and belted the track with all he got. The audience loved it, Cliff felt something was missing. But the other two judges felt he was in his element.

The song that is bound to be a hit on radio is Mark’s single, Out of My Head. It is a catchy tune with commercial appeal. “That song was perfect for you and you delivered it beautifully,” Cliff said.

Although, the song isn’t as “original” as we have been lead to believe. Apparently, an international band called Theory of a Deadman has recorded the same song on their album and it is available on YouTube.

Come tomorrow, either Dave or Mark will get to live out his dream with a mega cash prize, gift vouchers and a recording deal.

With such deserving individuals battling it out, it can’t be easy for South Africans to decide between the two. Hmm, I wonder if it might end with a tie!

Voting lines close at 10pm tonight. SMS’s cost R1.50, and fans can also vote via MXit. Dave’s number is 11 and Mark’s is 08. Text the number to 37400. - IOL