Don’t you find it funny that Anthony Anderson is not a poster boy like Morris Chestnut or a great comic like Chris Rock, but yet he is seemingly more successful than both of them? If Chestnut is not in another flop of a sci-fi series, he is in the typical all-black cast romantic dramas playing the same old dramatic roles.

Rock, on the other hand, is doing well but you haven’t seen him anywhere close to Law & Order or The Shield have you? Anderson (pictured) has been on those and other big-budget gigs like The Departed, Cradle to the Grave and Romeo Must Die. That’s Mr Anderson to you.

So he might not be the most good-looking guy on the block, but he is the best paid and this boils down to one thing – talent. He does the action flicks so well you forget he is a comedian.

In Law & Order he plays Detective Kevin Bernard, a no-nonsense cop who leaves no stone unturned as he tries to find out who the perpetrators of any given crime are.

Then he switches to comedy, like in Guys With Kids (airing on Vuzu – DStv Channel 116), he becomes the silliest guy on the scene. It will remind you of My Baby’s Daddy, the movie where he was a man taking care of his toddler.

In Guys With Kids you get the feeling that because My Baby’s Daddy was so successful, Anderson and crew decided to turn it into a series. The idea of men taking care of little kids is always fascinating as most of them are basically clueless. So taking this into consideration, Anderson shows us a different side to him that satirically homes in on complexities that come with a man raising a baby – though it can be borderline silly at times.

But not to the extent of a Martin Lawrence or Cedric the Entertainer, who remain one-dimensional. They do more than they say, and in the end it all amounts to overacting.

With Father’s Day coming up, Guys With Kids takes you into the world every man finds daunting.

• Guys with Kids airs every Tuesday on Vuzu (DStv Channel 116 at 6.30pm).