Trust and loyalty, loyalty and trust were words on everyone’s lips in this instalment. Ironic, then, that they were all – to borrow from Shona – flipping on each other, forging new alliances, breaking old ones, and reforming new ones all over again.

If there are those among the two tribes still trying to determine whether Survivor really is a contest of every man for himself, let this be a lesson learnt sooner, rather than later.

If only Killarney could have cottoned on quickly enough – and realised that, while being strong-willed and outspoken in the martial arts world may get you far, in the duplicitous game of Survivor, it gets you gone!




“The body language I’ve been getting from everyone else isn’t pleasing me. But I’ve got an idol, I’ve got an idol…” tra la la la la. That you sure do, Dave. But if you keep going the way you are, someone may very well hit you over the head with it!



With all the endless drama unfolding at both camps, who had time to care about how many pounds of flesh they were flashing!



Shona, I had you pegged as this season’s resident airhead. But beyond the blonde hair and doe-caught-in-the-headlights look, you’re hysterical! Loved the “little flipper” enactment. And hey, who knew: the girl’s got balls!



He started off the show declaring “David doesn’t bring anything to the table; old fart” and ended it off on an equally amiable note with “I’d like to get David off because he’s actually irritating me now. He’s irritating everyone. He’s like a little nit.”

So I take it you won’t be keeping in contact once the series has wrapped, hmm Philip?




“I don’t have to motivate these guys. Whether it’s a reward or an immunity challenge, none of them want to go home.” While that may be true – especially in the light of the fact that Selatan (finally) won both – it does rather defeat the purpose of having you as a team leader, then, doesn’t it, Captain Corné?




Fish has really impressed me thus far. But now that his tribe’s winning streak has come to an abrupt halt, we’re seeing a rather more reckless side to Mark’s leadership style. It’s the second time his lack of knowledge about his clan’s individual skills – the previous puzzle challenge being the first – finds him selecting or sitting out the wrong people.

And while Sivu might have, admittedly, been rather sappy in expressing his disappointment at being excluded, shouting at your teammate and telling him “if your talent is holding a ball on a stick, you should rather be in a circus” does not for a display of good leadership make.




Well done, Zan: you’ve officially taken the definitions of ‘smug’, ‘self-involved’ and ‘arrogant’ to a whole new level. Stealing the tribal flag to create a hammock was rather crafty – if only you bothered to let your tribemates share in your newfound comfort. Between that, announcing that “I’ll feed myself whatever I want to eat and if you don’t like it, you can go hungry” and your blatantly racist remarks to the effect of “hey man, you can never trust an Indian, you know what I’m saying…” (complete with vocal stereotype), you really are proving yourself to be quite a peach. A rotten one.

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