Most men agree with me that few things look sexier than a beautiful woman on a motorcycle.

She brings her fragile nature to the mean appearance exuded by the machine and you constantly worry if she is going to hurt herself. Well, as you will see on Vaya Mzansi, a motorcycle show on SABC1, she does fall and hurt herself.

Meet radio personality, Angie Khumalo (pictured) who presents the show with DJ Cleo as they travel around the country on two wheels.

“I am currently nursing a hurt knee from a recent fall and so I am not shooting any episodes for a few days,” said Khumalo.

Being the beauty that she is, you would never figure her for an adrenalin junkie, but if you get to know her, you will be surprised by the activities she calls hobbies.

“If it has petrol I am interested. I am a petrolhead and I love anything from motorbikes to vintage cars. I grew up as a tomboy and and I played with boys a lot, so I guess I never grew out of it,” she explained.

DJ Cleo is also big in the two-wheeler culture, a thing that most of his fans would not guess about him.

“I have been biking for six years now and I guess someone believed in me and gave me a shot,” he said.

Explaining how he got this gig, DJ Cleo said that his stage presence at award ceremonies and entertaining music videos might have given the right people the idea to put him in the show.

“I am a clown. I clown a lot in my videos and I have presented several awards so I suspect someone saw my true nature through my clowning and they thought I was good for this job.”

The show takes the two rookie TV presenters on an adventurous motorcycle journey throughout South Africa.

“In following Cleo and Angie you will see the beauty of the country in a way you have never seen it before. Although I have been in radio for a while, I am a first time TV presenter and so everything is new and I am still not sure how the producers found out that I love biking,” said Khumalo.

The DJ is also new at TV presenting and he is enjoying it. He might have been in the music industry for the longest time, but he has never considered cross-pollinating that with TV presenting.

“I have built a strong enough brand for any production company to think of using the brand to get viewers to take the show seriously. I have had offers to be on TV before, but I have turned all of them down because my brand is too big to be on any other channel but SABC1 because their audience is the same audience I serve,” he said.

The show is dubbed as a reality series and the two hosts say this is because most of their experiences are unscripted and they have to deal with them as they go.

“My highlight on the show so far is the fall. It’s nothing too serious, but the bike got damaged and I had to push it to the next neighbourhood where I had to find a mechanic. The area is a small remote township where they have probably never seen DJ Cleo, so everyone stared at me as I pushed through. When I found the mechanic, we fixed the small problem and we were back on the road again,” said the DJ.

`• Vaya Mzansi airs every Monday at 6.30pm on SABC1.