Dineo Moeketsi

ONE OF Mzansi Magic’s biggest shows is My Perfect Wedding. It really isn’t flashy or incredibly well written, but it resonates with many South Africans.

Now here is an even more brilliant idea that someone cooked up, My Perfect Proposal, a show that looks at what happened before the wedding took place. Presented by Dineo Moeketsi and Shugasmakx, My Perfect Proposal looks for the cheesiest attempts by ordinary South Africans to pop the question to their loved ones, on camera, without being busted. We caught up with Moeketsi to talk more about the show.

How would you describe the show?

As a show that’s bringing love back to the forefront. I understand someone could say there is My Perfect Wedding already, but this show gives a different perspective regarding effort. Regardless of circumstances or the time they have spent together, on this show we feature people who are ready to take the next step in committing to the ones they love. You can perhaps be complacent after having a baby, but here we are showing off those who want to take their relationship to a higher level.

What attracted you to signing up for this particular show?

I guess the challenge that comes with this job. Mzansi Magic is a whole different channel from what Vuzu is and so I welcomed those differences. When the conversations started around this I already knew that I had to speak the vernacular and having shot a few episode I am already seeing how hard it is to shoot on location. I am challenging myself to diversify. Also, I really like the concept. It grabbed me from the onset.

What do you enjoy the most about working on the show so far?

The excitement and nerves that come seconds before someone gets to propose. I can never get used to that.

It is so real I can’t stop myself from being a part of the person’s big moment. It’s nothing like I have felt in television before.

Do you get emotionally attached sometimes?

I do, because I am a big crybaby. I have to control myself because I don’t want the crew to worry about me crying throughout the season. Also, I don’t want to ruin the moment because it’s not about me, it’s about them.

Is the “on one knee, with a band playing in the background” proposal still working in 2014?

No. I think people are very spontaneous. They are very unorthodox about how they pop the question. Spontaneity always wins the day. We are hoping to get all races across the country. Personally I feel like black people are afraid to show affection and that needs to change. I think they need to know that it’s okay to embrace your partner in public and show affection.

Proposals can go either way, does this happen on the show?

We haven’t had a situation where a proposal fails yet, but we have talked as a crew and agree that it is going to be awkward. I am not prepared for it although I am sure we will adjust for the moment.

It’s women’s month, can women also propose in Africa?

Yes absolutely, especially in Africa. I am speaking for heterosexual and homosexual relationships. We can’t be closed-minded to what love is or what we find it to be. If you are sure about the person you want to marry regardless of their gender or colour, it doesn’t matter, just do it. There are many people walking around unloved and bearing the world’s pain. I think women can declare their love just like men.

I want to see how slick women do it in women’s month. Dudes need to relax and let their women shine. If that happens then, yes, women propose too.

• My Perfect Proposal airs every Thursday at 7.30pm on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).