Yes, we have all seen Mandla and Lexi do the deed again and again and it seems South Africa is really happy to witness it.

Judging by the buzz this relationship is making on social networks – almost as much as the Oscar Pistorius trial – it would seem Mzansi looks forward to this kind of entertainment.

We could talk about our social fabric being torn or decayed, but at this rate there is no fabric at all to talk about. Big Brother is about sex and violence and the sooner we come to terms with that the better for everyone.

What is intriguing is that when the contestants are done we embrace them as stars and celebrate them as if they did something out of the ordinary. Come on, they just sat in a house and did as they were told.

We caught up with the latest contestant to be evicted, Jase (pictured), who was happy to leave the house to follow his dreams. From outside the house the house the man said he loved the fresh air and not having to be confined in a small area with only a few people.

“I missed my family from outside and I missed my sport matches,” said Jase.

For him, the game became predictable and he could see his time was up and made peace with that fact.

“I now want to go into TV presenting and acting. I want to use my experience to do something on TV,” he said.

We wish him all the best.


Although Mandla and Lexi are having sex like rabbits, it is good to see them getting along even when they are not at it.

Every now and then she tries to see if she can get closer to him by letting him do girly things to her.

The other day they were talking about make-up and he refused to put eye-liner on her, but she soon convinced him otherwise. It was kind of cute.


So South African radio personality Sol Phenduka was seen mastur-bating in the bath and viewers were disgusted. For someone who has a public profile beyond Big Brother, it is really shameful to be caught on camera like that.

You are a DJ, for crying out loud. Aren’t DJs the most sought- after entertainers in the country? If so, in a house full of so many beautiful women, how dare Sol resort to self-help, in full view of the viewer.

Ewww, some of us were eating at the time. It remains to be seen if this has damaged his street credit once the show has ended.


Thanks to the “clever” conspirators who took it upon themselves to vote out Lexi, Big Brother disqualified all the nominations and everyone is up for eviction.

It is a Big Brother Mzansi first to see all the contestants on the line, yet the feeling is that they deserve it.

It now becomes a game of who has been the weakest over the weeks as the likes of Mzamo have nothing to worry about. Sex addicts Lexi and Mandla have nothing to worry about either as South Africa loves their porn.

MK and Sol might be the ones who have to go. The former because he is just weird and the latter is, well, just disgusting.

• Big Brother Mzansi: Secrets airs live 24/7 to DStv channels 197 and 198 though all live Sunday shows air exclusively on Mzansi Magic.