Who would have thought that this Sunday, Big Brother Mzansi would come to a close? It seems all too soon – but then again they never said it would be for three months like the African Big Brother.

As usual we have seen it all this season. We got a dose of everything including the violence, the drunkenness, the sex and the breakups.

Heck, we even saw a celebrity play with his willy in the bathroom.

Obviously Big Brother got what he wanted, as he put people in test-tube conditions that encourage bad behaviour.

That said, we met some of the evictees – and what is intriguing is how they see no wrong in some of their actions in the house.

“I would not change a thing if I were to do it all over again,” said Lexi, who got evicted this past Sunday. For her, Big Brother Mzansi was a place where she acted exactly as she would ordinarily in real life.

This comes after having openly had sex with fellow contestant Mandla several times. She called it love, and saw nothing wrong with being in those situations as the whole country watched.

“After a while you get used to the idea of being on camera and you realise you can’t act. So everything that you saw was me trying to just be myself.

“When Mandla comes out I hope we can still be together but that remains to be seen because people can change,” she said.

Fellow evictee Poolie reiterated Lexi’s thoughts, saying that his love for Loko was real .

“I am going to miss her and I am glad that I entered because I found her,” he said.




Well what’s more to talk about when the two leading couples were disbanded last Sunday?

Big Brother is about to get really serious, which is why he separated the Mandla/Lexi and Poolie/Loko union just so that doesn’t get in the way of the finale.

Now the purists can watch the show without worrying about the unnecessary porn that has been coming with it.




Kat has to take this one. Only a few hours after Lexi left she is now warming to Mandla. We all know he is still with Lexi, we all know she is waiting for him outside and most importantly, we all know she can see what is going on in the house right now.

Kat has to watch her back once the show is over because Lexi doesn’t come across as the type who talks about her problems; she fights.

Shame on you Kat, why don’t you give Sol a chance rather? The man is thirsty.




When we asked Lexi who she thought would win, she said Mandla – and Poolie said Loko. Understandably the two are pushing for their loved ones – and while Loko and Mandla are favourites, we have seen favourites fall before. On the other hand Iris has been a silent assassin, and has accrued several male fans outside.


• BIG BROTHER MZANSI SECRETS is screened live, 24/7, on DStv channels 197 and 198 – though ALL live Sunday shows are screened exclusively on Mzansi Magic.