After moaning about wanting to leaving the game two weeks ago, Lola finally got to. Well, all we can say is “good riddance”. In future Big Brother should fine cry babies like her because they take what are good opportunities and throw them away.

Had she left because of medical or serious family issues it would have been understandable, but she just missed some of the people in her life. It is almost as if no one told her she would be locked away from them for several weeks.

Well, it is a new week, with new contestants’ heads on the chopping block and we speculate about who’s going to go next.




It was really nice of Big Brother to ask the housemates to take part in the graffiti challenge. The idea was to pick up on their personalities by looking at the kind of art they produce. Having been in the house for a test run earlier in the year, I must say the graffiti challenge was one of the best tasks we did because it demanded teamwork and originality.




We are really happy that Mandla and Lexi had sex last Saturday. Come on you all, let’s face it, that’s what the show is about now, isn’t it?

You put a bunch of attractive young people in a house with lots of booze at their disposal. What do you expect? Nothing but the obvious, which is whatever went on the weekend. So why is this in Moemish of the Week?

Well, as much as viewers loved witnessing the deed, it was sad that come morning, Mandla was asking Big Brother for morning-after pills.

Now that means one thing: these two had unprotected sex and they were worried about a possible pregnancy. What is sad about this is the obvious: having a kid is not your biggest problem, HIV is.

Yes, other people would like to think that they did use protection but perhaps there was an accident, but there is really no evidence to support that line of thought. They were just irresponsible.




It looks as if Lexi might have irritated her fellow contestants with her alpha female attitude. She has received seven nominations from her housemates and Jase follows closely with six. Incredibly, Iris nominated the two last week and again this week. She must really not like them at all.

Still on hate, Jase nominated Sol and Lexi based on his negative feelings towards them. A woman scorned is personified by Thando who is now angry with Jase for changing his character. Again, because of a recent argument with Lexi, Thando had no trouble also placing the hothead on the chopping block.

Several other people came through to state their reasons for placing Lexi and Jase up for eviction and it looks as if they probably won’t escape it.

While Lexi has the most eviction nominations, it is highly unlikely that she will find herself going home this weekend. She has the true anatomy and personality of a Big Brother contestant.


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