Lara de Matos

And now, the end is near and so they face the final curtain… It’s hard to believe four months have passed and after many a (tedious) blindside, forged-only-to-be-broken alliances, two slippery snakes and a plethora of patronising platitudes about honesty and integrity, we’re almost at the end of the season.

I think it’s fair to say, we’re all breathing a collective sigh of “thank goodness” relief.


While we certainly appreciated your intentions in saying, “I can’t find fault with any of them (the remaining three contestants)… why can’t I just give up with honour?”, we fear it was a classic case of too little, too late, Dave. If you actually had any honour, the jury members wouldn’t be so immovably seated in the opposite end to your corner.


And just to prove the point, here you are again under Tootsie Talk, Dave. The mind boggles at how you could see fit to participate in a game of chommie-chommie with Buhle one moment, and a mere matter of hours later, there you are, spewing all her secrets at tribal council.

Your niece, Tamara, assured us you are a very intelligent man, so the cause of this openly batty behaviour must lie in the fact you’re a farrier – ie more adept at playing with horses than people.


Graham’s sculpted torso. Buhle’s toned arms. Sivu and Dave’s… well, let’s stop there.


We like you, Graham, we really do. And we share your frustration at what feels like you being cheated out of the seven-figure prize money, simply because you don’t have a sob story akin to Sivu’s. But as even your former captain, Corne, pointed out to Buhle, when it comes to the sympathy vote, no one can compete with our resident astrophysicist-in-waiting.

So while you may have a valid point about Sivu using his beleaguered background to curry favour, verbally attacking him for it only makes you come off as the embittered bad guy.


He might have started out as the more naive of the two team leaders when it came to the sneaky social aspect of Survivor, but it now seems Krige has a better grasp of how the game is played – declaring that, unlike his Fishy colleague, it’s consistency rather than veracity that will garner his vote.


A true captain and feminist ally to the end, Fish continued to guide Buhle in her hour of need, calling her back to attention when the boys attempted to sway her focus. Even if he is somewhat misguided on her having played the game “with honesty and respect for her team mates”.


If Graham feels disgruntled at the prospect of Sivu taking the title over him because “I’ve played the better game”, the thought of Buhle winning must have him on the verge of a fury-spurred nervous breakdown.

Apparently it isn’t enough that she has piggy-backed her way through to the Top 3. Now Buhle’s pulling out the “poor me, oh how I’ve suffered card” to score jury votes. And brazenly turned on the very alliance that got her through the Top 5.

Clearly that betraying her bestie stunt (Vel) wasn’t a momentary lapse of judgement after all…

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