I don’t know about you, but the boogie tutorial was dodgy. The instructor said you simply move from one side to the next, “like an old man would”.

His own demonstration was not too convincing either; even people with two left feet like myself could have done better.

That could explain why this episode has to be the one with the worst dance interpretations yet.

Still, the top eight crews had to suck it up and dance their hearts out. We are at a point where, if you miss a step, you are out. Let’s see how they fared this week.


Obviously some people will expect this writer to place Thembisa Revolution here again, but the truth is they were out of their depth. The boogie is a long way from their pantsula roots.

WEDFY could easily have been the best with their impressive make-up and moves, but Vintage brought their all.

Their name goes well with the boogie which is also a dance from the past.

Their funky hair, the loud colours and the old-school song all coalesced into a classic performance. This is the group to put your money on if you are into gambling.


Black Converse missed the mark by a mile. It seems like they decided to completely ignore the brief. Mixing a pantsula song with a Timbaland song was a bad idea.

They did admit they had never been exposed to boogie before, but still, that doesn’t help their case. This show is looking for all-rounders, not specialists.

For instance, Duduza Young Generation confessed in the insert that they were not used to such a routine, yet when it came to crunch time they delivered.

The brief is not to go all out with the given dance genre, but to incorporate it in a given crew’s usual dance routine. Now how hard can that be?


“Because you are wearing masks, you have to exaggerate every move,” said Emile about Spar10s performance.

The crew looks really cool in their ninja-like regalia and they dance well, but we never get to see their facial expressions. It is interesting that Emile picked that up and if they don’t take off the veils, the show will place a bigger veil on them for good.


Whoever thought of bringing recording artists onto the show is onto something grand. Having a hot property on the music scene, Kabomo Vilakazi, perform was unexpected, yet a pleasant surprise. The Sama nominee is riding on the wave of success caused by the release of his debut album, All Things Grey. It would be great to see more artists come through and show off their skills. The good ones, that is.


Vintage, WEDFY and Spar10s look like the top three crews, if we are going to judge by this week’s performances. Some people might feel Spar10s are losing it, but methinks the only thing they need to lose are those masks, then try something else.

• Step Up or Step Out airs every Sunday at 6.05pm on e.tv