"A Right Royal Quiz" show is Britain's first ever show to talk about the Royal family.
A Right Royal Quiz, which starts on ITV Choice (DStv 123) on Thursday, May 3 at 8pm is Britain's first ever panel show about the Royal Family and is a celebratory and affectionate look at the Royals and the world’s obsession with them.
In the show, presented by Fern Britton, two Royal-loving celebrity teams are pitted against each other to discover what they know about this much-loved British institution. Across a series of fun and entertaining rounds, the panelists are tested on topics such as Prince Philip’s pet names for the Queen, which game the Windsors are banned from playing at home, and who in the Royal family can breakdance.

Helping the teams throughout the quiz is Royal expert Jennie Bond - plus self-confessed super fans, and some special Royal inspired surprises that pop up throughout the show.
Britton answers a few questions about the show and the Royals:
Tell us about the show

I host two teams of two celebrities. The Regal Reds are comedian Hal Cruttenden and presenter Angellica Bell. Buckingham Blues are Joe Pasquale and model Jodie Kidd. We also have Jennie Bond, who’s virtually a royal person, as our royal expert!
What happens during the quiz rounds?

The quiz rounds are fun with gossip, information, royal paraphernalia facts, and people who’ve met the royal family. There’s also some fabulous archive footage. My favourite is Harry sticking out his tongue… he hasn’t changed much!
Are you a royal family fan?

I’ve had an obsession since I was quite young. I’m not necessarily a royalist but I love the history of it all. I’ve some Golden Jubilee plates in the downstairs loo!
Have you met any of the royal family?

Yes, I’ve met Prince Charles and Camilla. I also saw Diana at events –there was something about her. She had a huge presence. After she left the room there was a Disney twinkle still in the air. I’ve met the Queen a couple of times too and shaken hands, she was very nice. I’d love to meet the boys. They seem very human. I’d love to have Harry and Meghan on the show!
Why should people tune in?

If you’re excessively interested in the royals you’ll feel smug when you know an answer. But even if you’re not, we focus on the modern royal family, so hopefully it will be interesting. It’s light-hearted fun. Just sit in front of it and let it happen!”
There is plenty of entertaining and interesting facts as well as hilarious offbeat insights into the nation’s favourite family, so get out your flags, practice 'God Save the Queen' and prepare for the ultimate right Royal knees up!

* Catch A Right Royal Quiz on ITV Choice (DStv 123) on May 3 at 8pm.