WEDDING BLUES: The stellar cast of’s Broken Vows deliver on the drama, suspense and comedy.
You can generally gauge a show’s success by the way you respond to the first episode.

I have to say, at Thursday night’s launch of Broken Vows, with the cast and creatives in attendance, I was left with an insatiable curiosity after the cliffhanger ending.

Huge praise goes out to Clive Morris Productions, who previously brought us Ashes to Ashes.

It was certainly an experience watching the kick-off episode with living legends like Thembi Mtshali-Jones (Gertrude), Sello Sebotsane (Ace), Nomsa Nene (Lydia) and Sharleen Surtie-Richards (Charmaine) alongside equally renowned actors like Thapelo Mokoena (Uhuru), Enhle Maphumulo (Azania), Jo-Anne Reyneke (Thandi), Lehasa Moloi (Lebo), Emmanuel Castis (Chris Myburgh) and Mandla Gaduka (Damian). They were about as enthralled as the guests as it was the first time they saw all their hard work come together on screen.

Let’s talk about the narrative, though.

The story revolves around the Moswane family and their wedding planning empire, Yours Truly Concepts, which is run by a pregnant Azania and her adopted sister Thandi. While the latter is more of a take-charge person, one who is very prim and proper, Azania is a bit of a scatterbrain. Her ditziness is rather cute, though.

Of course, the real “boss” is their authoritative mother, Mam Gertrude.

Meanwhile, Uhuru, the eldest child and only son, is the apple of his mother’s eye. He is a very charming guy and a tenacious hard-news journalist. Working in war-torn regions, he often has close brushes with danger. When viewers are introduced to him, he is desperate to get out of the Congo.

Concerned about his safety, Azania confides in Thandi and Charmaine, who then goes on to blab to Mam Gertrude.

What makes the drama all the more delicious is the mayhem that is unleashed while they are planning a wedding with a problematic bride and an unexpected guest - the groom’s psychotic and bitter ex. And she has the crazy eyes to match her deranged behaviour.

Meanwhile, Ace - the patriarch of the family - is about to be released from prison. He is trying to do right by the family he wronged. Of course, the genuineness of his motives is questioned.

Broken Vows has an interesting mix of supporting characters, with Gaduka adding comic relief as a wedding decor specialist who delights in the first sniff of trouble.

Moloi’s gorgeous looks play perfectly into his Don Juan-esque role as Lebo, the photographer who can’t seem to keep his hands off Lulama.

The first episode ends with a gun going off. The audience is left gasping, trying to figure out who got shot.

Broken Vows is stylish, well-cast and written in such a way that viewers become completely invested in the lives of the characters. They are dying to know what secrets will come toppling out of this family’s closet.

Uhuru’s arrival looks set to stir a hornet’s nest while awakening a former romance.

Broken Vows airs on at 8pm from tonight.