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The jury is still out on whether it is “ethical” for a man to pre-plan his come-on to a woman he might be interested in.

Many books have been written on the subject. There have been quite a few movies too. While some women prefer men to approach them with a “natural flair” as opposed to memorised pick-up lines, many men feel that such a move is suicidal as their “prey” is unpredictable, therefore making preparation essential.

Why are we talking about this? Well, with Men at Work coming to Comedy Central tonight, it is only fair that we chat about this subject. In the sitcom we’ll meet Milo (Danny Masterson) and his buddies Tyler (Michael Cassidy), Gibbs (James Lesure) and Neal (Adam Busch), all pictured right, who are the embodiment of the phrase “boys will be boys” because they show no maturity when it comes to dealing with the ladies. For instance, while one of them is getting some attention from a potential girlfriend, the rest might be doing a victory dance on his behalf just a few metres away.

The main character is Milo, who is heartbroken over his relationship having ended with girlfriend Lisa. His buddies, as buddies do, take over his love life by trying to hook him up with the next girl they find.

Things don’t always work out for the foursome, but they won’t give up. In fact, far from Milo always getting the girl, the laughs are often to be found in the ingenious methods the friends use to attract women.

To strike some sort of balance, or sanity, if you will, the boys have to deal with Amy (Meredith Hagner), who is Neal’s girlfriend. She is almost the lab rat for their Casanova schemes and tells them what works and what doesn’t.

The men’s friendship is solidified by the fact that they all work for a magazine called Full Steam. No points for guessing that they hang out at the workplace and after hours and have way too much time on their hands.

What makes the ladies appreciate this show is that it is a way to learn how the mind of a man works. Who knows, they may even hear pick-up lines that were used on them before. Overall, it is just a fun take on the lengths to which men will go to try to get the fairer sex to notice them.

You can be the judge on whether it is morally acceptable to “rehearse” routines before professing love to the next girl.

• Men At Work premieres tonight at 7.40pm on Comedy Central (DStv channel 122).