Rashid Kay and Gigi LaMayne. Picture: Twitter

We already know Gigi LaMayne is nothing to play with on the mic. But now, she’s also taking over mics on a new webseries called "The Dizrupt Show." 

The rapper co-hosts the show with Rashid Kay who is a part of the South African Hip Hop Awards and a co-host on Oskido’s Metro FM show, Rap Activity Jam.

The pair don’t take the expected route by just discussing what’s happening in South African rap over 30 minutes. Instead, they talk about a variety of things. For instance, episode one is all about "slay queens" and women abuse.

This week, Rashid and Gigi talk about land expropriation. Is this the kind of content you would like to see Gigi and other rappers tackle more often? 

A new episode of "The Dizrupt Show" airs on YouTube every single week.