DEBUT: Comedian Trevor Noah hosts The Daily Show.

Multichoice is taking major steps to market its next big star – comedian Trevor Noah.

The company is opening the Comedy Central channel (DStv 122) for a week from September 28 to DStv Compact subscribers to watch The Daily Show hosted by Noah.

The show starts on Monday, September 28, in the US and will screen in South Africa on Comedy Central the next day. Viewers will also be able to catch episodes from September 30 online at

Comedy Central Africa says it expects a record viewership.

During a Q&A session last month, Noah said the set would change a bit and the perspective would shift, but, “the show still has its voice.”.

“It’s just that I’m at the helm,” he added.

Noah also said he thought the show would move on from some outdated notions of a 24-hour news cycle. More notably, this Daily Show will be less obsessed with what gets said on Fox News, a favourite Stewart target.

“News is changing,” Noah said. “The way people are absorbing their news in soundbites and headlines little click links... The biggest challenge (is) how do we bring all of that together, looking through a bigger lens as opposed to just going after one course, which was historically Fox News.”



Meanwhile, as Noah's big day nears, he's keeping the funny business going on the world stage, as part of the "all-star line-up" to salute Eddie Murphy for the Mark Twain Prize at The Kennedy Centre. He will appear along with the likes of Chris Rock, Arsenio Hall, Kathy Griffin and David Chappelle.



Staff Reporter, Washington Post-Bloomberg and IOL